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Welcome to the Fate of the Dominion, an Elder Scrolls Online guild.
Along with guild information we will also display up-to-date information regarding the upcoming MMO which will be on either the left-side bar marked (TES:Online Links) or below in the (Guild Wall) section.

The Home, Gallery, Forum and Roster tabs are fully functional.
Please register to the guild site upon arrival (Located at the very top of the screen **Scroll up**), then apply to Beta.
The link and description for Beta are in the (Information tab) in the left hand top corner. This will help you towards getting an "Excellent" chance at being accepted into Beta.

Technical Concerns:
Any concerns with graphics and animation should be quelled with the concept that all MMO's during Alpha and Beta have horrid graphics and animation before their live presentation. This is for graphical and hit detect/target debugging reasons.

The game will be available for PC and Mac and the requirements will be extremely low comparitively to most PC games. It was also stated that if you have a PC or Mac that's at least 5 years old, you'll have no problems.

Guild Wall

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